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3 Monkies Tours and The Certification for Sustainable Tourism - CST -

The Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT) designed The certification for Sustainable Tourism –CST- to differentiate tourism business according to their commitment with a sustainable model of management for natural, cultural and social resources of the country. This Certification program is supervised by The Costa Rica Tourist Board and regulated by the Costa Rica National Accreditation Commission.

The CST's fundamental purpose is to make sustainability a practical and necessary reality within the context of the country's competitiveness in tourism, while looking to improve the way that natural and social resources are used, encourage the active participation of local communities promoting a balanced interaction between the use of our natural and cultural resources with the improvement of quality of life among the local communities and the economic success of the tourist industry.

In 2008, 3 Monkies Tours stated its commitment for sustainable tourism and proudly obtained this certification with level 2 (based on a rating system using a scale of 0 to 5). According to our philosophy, our company is committed in the following actions:

  • Waste minimization.
  • Reduce Reuse and Recycling.
  • Energy and transport efficiency.
  • Water saving.
  • Contribution of staff and participation of communities or customers in environmental issues.
  • Participating and supporting local small business.
  • Respect to legislation illegal extraction and captivity of wild animals and plants.
  • Concern for deforestation, hunting, fishing and environmental pollution.
  • Designing sustainable tour programs for our customers to reduce the impact of tourism.
  • Joining and contributing partnerships for sustainable development.

Recommendations for visitors in wilderness or protected areas:

  • Do not litter or leave waste material of any kind.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Do not remove plants, animals or other of its natural environment.
  • Walk only on the trails and remain quiet.
  • Do not wear clothes with bright colors in order to avoid disturbing the process of pollination.
  • Do not use synthetic repellents or chemicals. Try to use biodegradable ones.
  • Respect regulations established for visitors in Wilderness Protected Area.

"According to our values and Quality Criteria, 3 Monkies Tours certifies that all information provided on this literature is updated and accurate. We will never create false expectations to our customers"