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Monteverde Cloud Forest

Sky walk, lunch, butterfly farm.

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The Monteverde cloud forest is located in northwestern Costa Rica, on the Tilaran Mountain Range. Called cloud forest rather than a rain forest because of its altitude, the mountains intercept the northeast winds which turn into rain or form clouds that go through the forest.

In the cloud forests there are plenty of trees covered with orquids, bromeliads, ferns, moss and vines, while the canopy is extremely rich with birds, insects, butterflies and thousand of plants.

At the end of the trail looks for wonderful species of hummingbirds and the bright colors on their fast-moving bodies at the hummingbird gallery.

After lunch, enjoy a relaxing walk through the butterfly garden and admire beautiful butterflies flying around you and the amazing colors on their wings.


WednesdayDrive time:4:00 hours each way.Pick up Time: 5:15 am (Pinilla)
5:15 am (Tamarindo)
5:45 am Conchal
5:30 am Flamingo Return: 8:30 pm (Pinilla)
8:30 pm (Tamarindo)
8:00 pm (Conchal)
8:15 pm (Flamingo) Lunch included.
Minimum age:Not required Suggested fitness level: Low. Normal healthy physical conditionEquipment



Cost per person:

$ 145 with 4 people minimum

$ 170 with 3 people minimum

$ 180 with 2 people minimum

discounts for kids This rates includes: a/c round trip transportation, professional tour guide plus activities described.

Cost per person:

$ 173 with 4 people minimum

$ 198 with 3 people minimum

$ 208 with 2 people minimum