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The Arenal Area within La Fortuna, in the northern part of Costa Rica, is well known for its famous volcano; actually one of the most active volcanoes in Costa Rica, however, this area boasts plenty of its own splendors with pristine rain forest, soothing hot springs, stunning waterfalls, secluded white water rivers and amazing wildlife.

Do you want to experience more wonderful activities besides the Arenal Volcano? Please check on button Act #1 and Act #2 and find out what else this area has to offer. If you are interested in booking amazing tours in the Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna in Costa Rica, please, fill in the form with your request and we'll get back to you shortly!


Arenal Hanging Bridges

Within a 250 hectare (618 acre) reserve of primary forest, visitors can enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, friendly design along 3 km rain forest circuit of interpretive trails built with paving blocks to prevent slipping.

The bridges are build of aluminum, galvanized steel and concrete, to ensure maximum security for their visitors. They were designed by structural engineers with the most demanding safety margins in the world.

A naturalist tour guide will open the doors of natural history in a fascinating and colorful Tropical Rain Forest world. The imposing vistas of the Volcano from the hanging bridges make a perfect combination for an unforgettable experience.

Danaus Eco-Center

Danaus develops conservation programs within small biological reserve with a butterfly nursery and a garden of medicinal plants. Observe poison or red eyed tree frogs, basilisk lizards, iguanas, caimans, sloths and many tropical bird species.

At the end of the tour visit a replica of a Maleku Indigenous house where you can buy unique handicrafts made by Indians.

El Silencio Rain Forest Hike

Feel part of the jungle walking through the rain forest at El Silencio Private Reserve at the base of the Arenal volcano and enjoy one of the best areas to see animals like: monkies, toucans, coatis and more wildlife, and to observe the volcano from an excellent look-out at the end of El Silencio trail.

Horseback Riding to Arenal Volcano

Enjoy a 1 hour horseback ride to the base of imposing Arenal Volcano at El Silencio Private Reserve looking for mammals and birds. Get your camera ready for a spectacular view of the volcano as you ride to a look-out at the end of the trail.

La Fortuna Waterfall

Hike 1500 feet down to the bottom of La Fortuna River Waterfall, one of the biggest falls in Costa Rica (225 ft.) surrounded by exuberant rain forest and enjoy “natural pools” where you can swim at the bottom in the fresh water of La Fortuna river.

Horseback Riding to La Fortuna Waterfall

1 ½ horseback ride on 5 ½ kilometers from La Fortuna town through beautiful Costa Rican countryside along with cattle farms, crops and birds. Then, you will continue hiking to the bottom of the waterfall to swim in the natural pools.


Sky Tram

The tour starts in the reception and reaches a wide observation deck at the highest point of the Arenal Reserve, from where you can observe the rain forest and the imposing Arenal volcano.

The journey in Sky Tram takes around 20 minutes with the possibility of intermediate with short stops that will be supplemented with information of a naturalist guide. Once you have reached the observation deck, you can enjoy a walk through one of the trails with duration of 30 minutes

*Sky Tram is a tour for all ages and even for people with some disability, thanks to the Space of the gondolas that fit a wheelchair inside.

Canopy Tour

One of the most exciting experiences in the rain forest canopy, where you slide down the treetops on 9 steel cables at distances of 18 to 150 meters long in the Arenal Canopy Tour. This incredible system of suspended cables between huge trees will allow you to enjoy amazing views of this lush tropical ecosystem while traveling through the forest using the most modern harnesses and safety equipment.

*Restrictions apply for children under 8 years old

Zip in the Sky (Canopy tour)

Sky Trek starts with a tour in the Sky Tram to reach the top of the Arenal reserve, then begins a tour of adventure full of adrenaline above the treetops, which consists on a system of zip lines, that allows you to observe the rainforest and its landscape from a different perspective, safely in an innovative and different system.

The tour includes 8 cross-sectional cables that together have a total length of 1.7 miles with distances from 100 to 2460 feet, and with a maximum height of 660 feet, which exceed the treetops providing a panoramic view of the Arenal volcano and lake.

Thermo Mineral Hot Springs (Tabacón Resort or The Springs Resort)

Visit to thermal mineral hot springs where not only your mind but your body will be rejuvenated and relaxed by minerals from the Arenal volcano where your mind and body are relaxed and rejuvenated by volcanic minerals and their therapeutic properties. These volcanic waters are famous for treating arthritis, obesity, skin allergies and stress. Experience a delicious dinner after the visit to the thermal mineral hot springs. At the hot springs sometimes it is also possible to see the Arenal Volcano erupting from a comfortable spa

Waterfall Rappeling (Moderate fitness level)

Be part of a multi-sport adventure adapted for tourists with no experience on climbing or first time rappellers.

Hike, climb and rappel on 4 waterfalls and a rock wall in a slot canyon in the rain forest at the bottom of the volcano.

Try our local cuisine before or after the rappelling adventure at Pure Trek Restaurant

Venado Caves (Moderate Fitness Level)

The caves were formed during the Miocene period, 15 or 20 million years ago. For many years they were under sea level and due to tectonic movements they surfaced.

The Guatuzos aborigines discovered the caves. Limestone rocks, stalactites, stalagmites and corals, form most of the caves. The whimsical stone formations are formed by the underground river. The length of the tour into the caves is 1 ½ hour, during this time we will find marine fossils, and also bats, spiders and crickets.

Because we will have to walk through the river and waterfalls from the upper part of the cave, we recommend our customers to take light clothes, hiking shoes and extra clothes to be able to change when they finish the exploration of the caves. The equipment for the tour will be provided to each client

Penas Blancas Safari Float (Half day tour)

Enjoy the sights and the sounds of the rainforest and experience its peacefulness as we quietly paddle the Peñas Blancas River.

Monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crocodiles and numerous tropical birds await us!

Our professional bilingual guide will share with you educational and interesting talks about plants or animals we see on the float trip.

You will truly appreciate the wonders of Peñas Blancas River and the surrounding rainforest as we travel down the river without a motor, this way you will enjoy the journey quietly rowing and taking photos.

Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars on this tour!

Rafting Rio Balsa Class 2-3 (Half day tour)

Challenge yourself as you paddle through fun & safe rolling rapids with names like "Morning Coffee" & "Rock around the Croc" and then play around in tranquil river pools in an isolated rainforest river canyon!

Your professional, experienced bilingual guides will give you a safety talk and paddling instruction, lifejackets, helmets & then you're off…

Hopefully you'll get to see lots of wildlife like monkeys, sloths and tropical birds such as ospreys, oropendolas and toucans. This unique river trip is the best way to combine adventure and nature.